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Corporate Gifts from All Personal Gifts

The giving of corporate gifts has essentially the same motivation behind it that any other kind of gift giving does: to build a stronger relationship and recognise the contributions made to the success of a business. By giving a quality promotional gifts to a customer who has put a lot of business through you is in essence telling them that they are more than just a source of turnover and profit and that they are appreciated as business a partner. Similarly, by giving a corporate gift to an employee you are reminding the employee that your joint success is in no small way down to their input and that the hard has been observed and is appreciated.

Corporate gifts and promotional items can be a wonderful addition to any business incentive program and a great way to motivate your workforce or thank important clients for their business, but there are some pitfalls one has to be aware of when considering this type of promotion.

One common error is to fail to see the difference between promotional gifts and corporate gifts. A promotional gift or giveaway is usually something like promotional pens or promotional keyrings which can be engraved with a company's name and logo and is intended to be given out as a part of a wider marketing plan. These gifts, due to their inexpensive nature and innate usability, are excellent for their low cost and high customer recall.

This clearly doesn\'t mean that a corporate gift cannot have a company\'s name or logo imprinted on it, although is it more usual to personalise a corporate gift (it makes the thought seem even more considered). The essential point to be remembered is that a promotional gift is created in a run of hundreds or thousands at low cost per piece and low cost per impression and is intended for one purpose: to be given away.Therefore for an employee or client to be given such an article as a gift could be considered to be missing the point; it many even have negative connotations for the recipient: That their contribution to the growth of the company or their business is not considered significant.

A good corporate gift should be a considerate symbol of gratitude for the recipient (whether an employee or client), and should ideally be something that he or she can put to excellent use.

One way to consider if a corporate gift is of the right value for the receiver is to think whether the item would make a nice present for a friend or family member. If you would be uncomfortable giving your chosen a gift to a family member then it is probably not the right item to use as an incentive for your staff or a thank you to your customers. The overriding impression a corporate gift should send is of a business which honestly cares about the individuals it works with and works for. Engraved pens, promotional clocks, promotional watches and promotional wine accessories are very popular items for this purpose.