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Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping

Register for Dropshipping with All Personal Gifts Limited (APG) 

To register for drop shipping, go to the main header, top right and click the "Login" link, this will take you to the main login page, fill in all the details about you and your company, if you dont have a company name, then supply your ID of the market place you sell in (eBay ID or Amazon ID for example)

What is drop shipping with All Personal Gifts Limited (APG) 

Drop shipping is a type of retailing where you the retailer does not stock goods, but instead passes the customer's order and shipment details to All Personal Gifts Ltd. we then send the goods to the customer. You the retailer make your profit on the difference between the cost price we charge you and retail price you charge your customer.

Advantages of drop shipping 

Drop shipping can be a simple and effective way for you to get started in ecommerce. Many online merchants, like you find drop shipping strategies are good way of minimizing stock holding, decreasing overall shipping costs and cutting down on delivery times to your customers.

Feed files (.csv)

We currently do not have a .csv file facility for product information but you are happy to use the information and our images from the website.

Dropshipping Postal Charges

If you decide to dropship our products please contact us for full details of shipping/postal charges, The website is not used to place orders but a simple email with your Company Name and contact details in the footer, The Quantity and Product ID to be sent and the Customers Name and Address. We will then email you an invoice which can be paid via PayPal (preferable) or Bank Transfer.


Shipping with All Personal Gifts use the Royal Mail 1st Class Mail for most of our small items and light orders, for larger orders we use a reputable courier, but you will be informed about all delivery costs.

No need for you to hold stock 

Drop shipping allows you to send single or low quantity orders gathered on your web site to APG, who in turn ship the items directly to your customer. Typically you take care of the promotion and collect the payment, and APG looks after order fulfilment.

You buy at a low wholesale price 

Drop shippers like All Personal Gifts Limited can buy in large volumes this means we will be able to offer you the best prices on products and shipping, usually wholesale.

No money up front for you to buy stock 

There's no capital investment, no need to invest in stock and no danger of you suddenly having large stocks you are unable to sell.

No need to worry about inventory and delivery

You can focus on listening to the market and discovering the products your visitors want to buy.

Drop ship fees and charges

It's important to know all the costs involved so you can calculate your profit margins accurately. We at All Personal Gifts will NOT charge any regular "participation" fee, the only time you will have to pay APG anything is in connection with a specific order.