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Pens and Clocks

Choosing the right promotional gift for business is always a tricky business. Trying to make sure your client understands the intended message, usually that they are an important client. Keeping your business relationships close can havea huge impact on your company and All Personal Gifts can help you pick the right item:

Desk Clocks and Travel Alarm Clocks

Consider how often in your busy day you actually look at a clock. Whether it be a watch, a clock in your office, your mobile phone or any other clock in the vicinity. The simple truth is clocks are functional and practical and therefore it comes as no surprise that promotional desk clocks and travel clocks are among the highest selling products.

If you purchase a high quality desk clock that is well designed, and customised with your business information, then you can be assured that it will find a home in your clients office. Promotional metal clocks can feel weighty and give the impression of high value and can become a long standing reminder of your companies relationship with your client.

In a similar fashion a compact and well designed travel clock will be ideally suited if your client does a lot of travelling. Making an ideal corporate gift and again constantly reaffirming your companies relationship.

Promotional Pens

Again, capitalising on the function and practicality of the gift, a customised pen of high quality for promotional or corporate gifts can have a big impact with the recipient. The portable nature of the item means it is more likely to be taken with your client and as a corporate gift it is a traditional and well thought of gift.

The smaller nature and more affordable cost of pens and pen sets also makes them ideal for giveaways or free promotional items at conferences and trade shows. Doing this will allow you to spread your brand across a wider area.