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Promotional Gifts

Promotional Gifts from All Personal Gifts

As the pace of life changes and businesses adapt to the needs of their clients, many companies are diversifying their marketing strategies and investing time in analysing the merits of each type of promotion available to them.

As consumers become more and more savy to the ways of direct marketing and as companies have to compete much harder with a growing list of competitors both local and abroad, marketing managers are creating more wide reaching and less linear advertising strategies.

Promotional gifts are partly about increasing your brand awareness and the pull of that brand on the potential clients that exist locally or further afield. They can be used as part of a more integrated advertising campaign to increase the visibility of your business, for internal branding, for raising awareness of your existence or as a "thank you" to regular clients whose business you appreciate.

With the saturation and sheer competitive nature of on-line portals to promote business, promotional gifts highlight a fundamental aspect of human nature that should be coveted by every marketing manager: People like, use and continue to use free gifts they are given as a promotional campaign. The inherent useful nature of most promotional gifts makes them one of the best forms of advertising: People want to use them, and will brand your business for you whilst they do so!

In short, yes. Research suggests that customers who receive promotional gifts remember the name of the company for anything up to six months and that they are more likely to purchase or use a service of a company after receiving a giveaway. It has also been argued that on a cost per impression basis, promotional gifts offer the lowest cost of any other comparable advertising medium.

With many years in the promotional gifts industry means that we are uniquely positioned to offer you our experience and advice. There are a whole host of promotional items to choose from and we can provide packages based on your business and targeted demographic. Some of our most popular items are also the simplest, including promotional pens , promotional key rings, promotional business card cases, promotional clocks and promotional desk accessories.

For more information on any of our promotional gifts we can supply please browse our website or call us on 0845 170 7000