All Personal Gifts products can be engraved, fact

It does not mater what you call it or how you look at it – we do it!  What am I talking about?  Engraving. Yes we are engravers, we engrave pretty much anything that can be engraved upon : in fact, 99% of our range can be engraved or is engravable.

We stock a large range of engraveable gifts in silver, fine silver plate, nickel plated, chrome plated or just plain brass plaques.  We can supply and engrave them for you. You can even shop online and find gift items that can be engraved. There are many more options where coupons can be applied.

A personalised gift is made exclusively for a person by having their name or picture engraved or imprinted on a cushion, photo frame, mug, keyring or pen. It lets the recipient know that this gift is specifically made and selected for them after putting much thought and effort.

Engraved gifts is our specialty, we have been diamond engravers for many years and have engraved 10′s of thousands of different products for a vast range of companies and customers such as cufflinks, pens, photoframes, hips flasks and zippo style lighters.

We are also able to engrave glass items.  Engraved glass is particularly clearer than sandblasting glass or etching glass as it is cut in to the glass by our diamond tip engraving machines.

We offer a wide variety of unique and personalized gifts for just about any occasion! With a wide variety of engraved gifts for nearly every occasion, you are sure to find the best personalized gifts. Remember Me Gifts is the best personalized gift store for all your gift giving needs! Browse our selection of featured products that are well-loved by our customers.

Lastly, if you have something to engrave, don’t worry about the shape – we can engrave all sorts of shapes from cylindrical items in glass and metal.

Engraved Tankard

Engraved Cylindrical Tankard


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